The John Maxwell Team – VIRTUAL SALES


is becoming an ”On Demand” experience.

Lesson 1 – What and Why
Lesson 2 – So, What Do You Do?
Lesson 3 – Recruit Your Salesforce
Lesson 4 – Find Yourself, Then Fix It
Lesson 5 – Be Sociable
Lesson 6 – Freemium to Premium
Lesson 7 – Knowing Your Client Avatars
Lesson 8 – Qualifying A Prospect
Lesson 9 – Effective Sales Conversations
Lesson 10 – Your Top 40
Lesson 11 – Closing the Sale
Lesson 12 – Don’t Keep Me A Secret

By the end of August 2016, JMTers within the Mentorship Program will have access (from this page!) to the 12 modules of the Virtual Sales Bootcamp. It will be just like the other courses on the JMT Online Platform.

When “VSB On Demand” is ready, we will announce it on the Mentorship Facebook page. In the meantime, recruit a “VSB squad” of 3 JMTers and make a commitment to each other to complete the program together.