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Number Card Explanation/Directions

The idea is to see how fast people can find the numbers in ascending order/sequence; how many can be found in a set time – a short time.

Hand out the number card, explain what you want then to do, pick a time frame – not too long say 15 – 30 seconds, and go. At the end of the time have them stop and see how many each person has found.

Now do it again, but with one difference. If you notice, there are some “tick” marks at the top, bottom, and sides of the card. Have them divide the card into four sections/quarters by drawing a line from the top one to the bottom one and from one side to the other side.

If you now notice, the numbers will fall into each section/quarter thus: #1 in section 1, #2 in section 2, #3 in section 3, #4 in section 4 and then it repeats #5 in section 1, #6 in section 2, #7 in section 3, #8 in section 4 and so on. Point this out to the people and do the timed exercise again. At the end of the time, see how many of the numbers they found – should be more.

The idea behind this exercise is to demonstrate that if you know where and how to look at something (a problem for example), you will have a better opportunity of coming up with the solution that if you are just “randomly” searching. This can be used to demonstrate the need for a coach, etc.