Coaching Partnerships

Current Coaching Partnership List for June 2016

1. General Guidelines
2. Step by Step Instructions
3. To Extend partnership to 180 days (2 cycles)
4. Allocation Dates
5. Partnership Information
6. Enrollment and Partnership Forms

Current Coaching Partnerships List

Current Coaching Partnership List for June 2016

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You will not receive an email notification to inform you who your partner is. It is your responsibility to check the current coaching partnerships list and connect with your allocated partner in a timely manner.

If you have unsuccessfully attempted to connect with your partner before the following month’s deadline, please email the coaching partnerships coordinator, AND CC: your allocated partner into the email, stating you been unable to connect with your partner in your first month and would like to be reassigned a new partner.

The unresponsive partner will need to message the coaching partnerships coordinator to resume participation in the program before the following month’s deadline, as their participation will be placed ON HOLD. Two separate complaints against the same person will result in suspension from the coaching partnerships process for 6 months.


Guidelines & Instructions for Joining

Coaching Partnerships (‘CP”) are available to all mentorship program participants who have met a qualification criteria outlined below.

A CP consists of 2 mentorship participants who commit to coaching each other on a weekly basis to experience the coaching process both as a coach and a participant.

1. General Guidelines

  • The purpose of a CP is NOT to get ‘FREE’ coaching. If that is your objective you will not benefit from this additional training experience.
  • The purpose of a CP is to give you a 360-degree learning experience of the coaching process. This is achieved by experiencing the process as coach, participant, and, on mentorship calls, as a live observer of a coaching session between two CP participants.
  • CP’s have the opportunity to conduct live coaching sessions on the Mentorship Program calls where the coach receives personal mentoring from Christian Simpson.
  • CP’s operate within a 90-day cycle. That is, partners collaborate within a coaching relationship for 90-day period only.
  • Please note: the 90-day cycle is a deliberate and purposeful process designed by Christian Simpson to ensure you maximize on the learning opportunity within the mentorship program. It gives you the breadth of coaching experience in dealing with different people with different challenges and aspirations, and accelerates your learning curve as a Coach. Christian does not recommend remaining in a ‘comfortable’ coaching partnership after 6 months at this stage of your development as it restricts your opportunity to grow as a coach.
  • Coaching sessions should be exchanged on a weekly basis. Each participant should receive a minimum of two sessions monthly, to a maximum of four.

2. Step by Step Joining Instructions

To apply to be part of a CP you must meet and have completed the following steps:

Step 1: You must have watched ALL of the coaching teaching videos (Modules 1 – 5) in their entirety and complete the associated workbooks for each lesson. Please do not continue to step 2 until you have completed this step.

Step 2: You must read and sign (by filling in your name) the ‘Coaching Partnership Terms of Participation & Disclaimer Form’. Please read this form very carefully, as it details the exact procedure you must follow for submitting your application and the ongoing allocation process.

Step 3: You must complete the ‘Coaching Partnership Questionnaire Form’ in one document [individually scanned pages as multiple attachments will not be accepted].

Step 4: Send in both completed forms WITH YOUR TIME ZONE to Coaching Partnerships Coordinator, Patti Kay Hanrath, at:

Step 5: You will receive confirmation of receipt of your application within the last two weeks of the month. Partnerships will be posted on the first working day of each month.

If any revisions are required in your questionnaire you will be notified within this time period and must submit your revisions prior to the commencement of the new partnership.

**IMPORTANT: Partnerships are allocated based on time zones whenever possible so you must include your time zone in the subject area of the email [Example: Coaching Partnerships Application – Jane Doe – GMT]

3. To Extend Partnership to 180 days (2 cycles)

If both partners feel progress is being made for each coachee, you may jointly apply to remain in your current cycle for an additional 90-days.

Requests must be received at least one week prior to scheduled automatic reassignment.

To apply for an extension you must download and complete the ” REQUEST TO EXTEND CURRENT COACHING PARTNERSHIP” form together. *Only one form will be accepted for both partners so please work together to complete it.*

The steps are clearly outlined on the form.

4. Allocation Dates:

The partnerships list will be updated each month and can be accessed by clicking the top link on this page: “Current Coaching Partnership List for [MONTH] [YEAR]”.

All applications submitted after the allocation close date will be held on a waiting list for the next allocation, which takes place at the beginning of each calendar month.

If there are no other parties in the waiting list when the monthly allocation occurs, the applicant will remain on the waiting list until the next allocation process takes place.

If a partnership ends unexpectedly those on the waitlist are given first opportunity to work with the available participant.

The following represents the deadlines and cycle commencement dates:

Deadline: Cycle Commences: Cycle Ends:
August 25 September 1, 2015** November 30, 2015
September 24 October 1, 2015** December 31, 2015
October 25 November 1, 2015** January 31, 2016
November 24 December 1, 2015** February 28, 2016
December 18* January 1, 2016** March 31, 2016
January 25 February 1, 2016** April 30, 2016
February 23 March 1, 2016** May 31, 2016
March 25 April 1, 2016** June 30, 2016
April 24 May 1, 2016** July 31, 2016
May 25 June 1, 2016** August 31, 2016
June 24 July 1, 2016** September 30, 2016
July 25 August 1, 2016** October 31, 2016
August 25 September 1, 2016** November 30, 2016

*Due to the holiday season, December’s deadline is two weeks prior to the start date.


5. Partnership Information:

CP’s run on a 90-day cycle. Upon completion of this cycle, participants will be automatically reassigned a new partner for their next 90-day cycle. This means participants will potentially have the opportunity to work with 4 different partners within each calendar year.

Should you wish to sit out of the next scheduled partnership following the completion of a cycle, it is your responsibility to notify the Coaching Partnerships Coordinator in advance of the deadline for the month you will start a new partnership. This will prevent disappoint in your automatically reallocated partner.

Anyone who has opted to sit out of the partnerships cycle for any period of time must email the partnerships coordinator prior to the deadline for the month they wish to recommence. Failure to do so will mean you cannot participate until the following month.

It is the responsibility of participants to connect with one another as soon as the list is posted to capitalize on the time available. You will arrange a coaching schedule between you that should include one or both participants receiving/delivering a coaching session each week. Please do not copy your partnership coordinator into the message unless there is a problem.

When the cycle is complete with your allocated partner it is for you both to decide how to close down your partnership. Keep in mind you will be automatically allocated a new partner immediately following the scheduled end of your partnership; it is recommended you complete your final session at least one week before commencing a new coaching relationship to reflect on the work done and progress made, plus prepare for your next learning journey with your new partner.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Coaching Partnerships Coordinator, Patti Kay Hanrath, is not a member of JMT staff and acts as a volunteer in this capacity. Subsequently all communication regarding coaching partnerships must be directed through the JMT email address Messages via her personal Facebook page or private email are not guaranteed a response.

6. Enroll – Read & Complete the Coaching Partnership Forms

Coaching Partnership Terms of Participation & Disclaimer Form
Coaching Partnership Questionnaire Form
Request to Extend Current Coaching Partnership Form

Please send all completed coaching partnership forms to Patti Kay Hanrath at: