John Maxwell Team Mentorship Program


You have taken the next step in your journey to success with the John Maxwell Team! We are absolutely thrilled and excited to work alongside you to help you grow, develop and achieve your personal and professional goals. It gives us great honor to say, Welcome to Mentorship!

Mentorship On-Demand Bonus Content

This bonus content includes access to downloadable audio recordings of over 50 hours of bonus Mentorship-level training and worksheets from John Maxwell and each of our world-class mentors.

John Maxwell Team Mentorship On-Demand Bonus Content

You will receive a Welcome email within 72 hours of your enrollment that will include the password and link to access this Bonus Content.

A Note from the Member Services Regarding Mentorship Online Platform and Facebook Group Access

Thank you for your order. You will have access to Online Platform Mentorship pages within 72 hours.

You might need to clear your cache so when you login, you will be able to access the Mentorship section of the Online Platform.

You will also receive an invite to the private Mentorship Facebook page. Be sure to accept it. Mentorship has its privileges!