The Leaders, days and times listed below represent the final “traditional” 90 Day Success Roadmap groups that have been created to help you start your JMT journey in a positive and productive way.

Request to join the JMT 90 Day Success Roadmap Facebook secret group by sending an email to In your email, please include the email address associated with the Facebook account that you would like to use.

For dial-in information and passcodes for each call, please go to the CALENDAR.

If you are part of one of our final “traditional” groups, go to the “Weekly Action Items” page (found under the 90 Day Success Roadmap tab – or click on the image that has the roadsigns on it) and click on the first lesson > Weekly Action Items – Week One and under the attachments header, click on Weekly Action Items – Week 1 and download it to your computer.  This will be your outlive for the call and provide the needed action items that will allow you to review the entire Online Platform over the 13 weeks.

We now offer our 90 Day Success Roadmap “ON-DEMAND.”  If you are just now starting with the team or want to take the 90 Day Journey at a pace that you control, go to Success Roadmap – On Demand under the 90 Day Success Roadmap tab and you will be able to listen to the lessons “On-Demand” and then have the opportunity to join one of our weekly Q&A support calls if you have any questions related to any of the lesson content, no matter what week you are studying.  Call Days and times can be found in the course description and on the 90 Day Success Roadmap Calendar.

Leader Name Day: Call Time: Call Time: Start Date:
Luis Chu Payan – Spanish Thursdays 12:00 pm ET 5:00 pm ET May 12, 2016
Chris Robinson & Rashida Jourdain Thursdays 9:00 am ET 9:00 pm ET May 5, 2016
Carla Andrews & Barbara Littles Tuesdays 9:00 am ET 9:00 pm ET April 26, 2016



Welcome to the John Maxwell Team (JMT)!

We are very excited to begin this amazing journey with you!

Our goal is to create an environment that sets you up for success and one that guides you smoothly and easily through all of the basic program information and on-line resources, at a pace that best suits your life-style and schedule — we like to refer to it as: your unique and ultimate JMT learning experience.

How can you achieve this? Simply by clicking on the four links below. Please follow each step in its entirety. This will ensure that you are properly set-up and plugged in and ready to navigate all of the program information and resources with the greatest of ease.

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