6) Accountability Partnership Resources 

Use these resources to maximize your JMT-AP experience:

One-Time Forms/Worksheets:

  1. Purpose and Vision Worksheet – Having a clear purpose and vision for being in the program will help you to experience the results that mean the most to you. Complete this worksheet once at the start of the program for yourself. Share your answers with your AP during your first setup call. Click here to download
  2. Commitment Form – Each partner must be committed to each other and the process to experience results. Complete this form once at the start of the program. When you have completed this form, email a copy to your partner and to AP@JohnMaxwellTeam.com.  Click here to download.
  3. Partner Support Worksheet – Your role as an AP is to help your partner to become personally fulfilled and reach the goals that are most meaningful to them. Complete this worksheet once at the start of the program for your partner. Complete it during your first setup call with your AP and then use it as a weekly reference going forward. Click here to download.
  4. Schedule Worksheet – Schedule out the dates and times of your calls in advance so there’s less likelihood of no-shows or rescheduling. Complete this worksheet during the setup call with your AP. Click here to download.

Ongoing Forms/Worksheets:

  1. Weekly Focus Worksheet – Use this worksheet to track your weekly progress for your top 3 tasks. Complete this worksheet weekly. Click here to download.
  2. Sample Agenda Cheat Sheet – Use this sample agenda to guide your calls to make sure you are tackling all the important issues. Click here to download.
  3. Troubleshooting Guide Reference this guide for tips to improve your partnership if it’s not working as well as you’d like. Click here to download.