In this Event, you’ll learn:

  • How to grow your business by at least 100% in the next 12 months
  • The ONLY form of marketing that works for small business owners
  • How you attract highly qualified prospects to your business – and how you convert them to happy, loyal and paying customers
  • How to position yourself as an expert and adopt a premium pricing strategy to maximize profits
  • How to dominate your market in a way your competitors will never know how to replicate
  • The one psychological shift you have to make to move out of struggle and mediocrity
  • Why you should never have a marketing budget
  • The formula used by highly successful Entrepreneurs to liberate their marketing strategy and revolutionize the growth in their business
  • Why social media marketing is a complete and utter waste of your time and money – and how to avoid the VERY expensive mistakes most business owners are making
  • Why 99% of websites are useless, why 99.9% of web designers will kill your business & how to make sure your website makes you money!
  • The next steps – what you have to do to get these strategies working for you and your business today!
  • And much, much more…

This Event is NOT for everyone.

If you’re happy with just a few clients and intend to stay small and do this business part time, then this is not for you.

And if you’re not willing, or don’t have the funds, to invest in the program that follows the Event, again this is not for you.

But if you’re serious about enjoying six and, in time, seven figure profits, if you understand that the last thing you need as a JMT Certified Coach, Speaker and trainer is even more content, even more personal growth experiences, and what you really need is the business building intelligence so you can grow your business by attracting a never ending supply of loyal customers with tried, tested and proven profit-boosting strategies…

…then this Event IS an absolute MUST for you.

But before you register, there are 5 QUALIFYING CRITERIA TO ATTEND. Do NOT attempt to attend if you don’t meet the requirements:

  1. You MUST be a member of the JMT Mentorship Program
  2. You cannot have attended this Event before
  3. You cannot have a flight home on the day of the Event unless it means you won’t leave the room until 4pm
  4. You MUST be willing and able to invest in the program that follows the Event. This is where you have to live the Law of Process – because when it comes to learning how to build a million dollar coaching and speaking business, it’s the process NOT the event that makes it happen.
  5. It’s simply not possible to share what Christian has learned in the last 5 years in an eight hour seminar. For 12-weeks, on a date announced by Christian at the Event itself, you’ll be immersed in live weekly Master Classes (by webinar), all of which are recorded and include detailed workbooks. Christian will share full details of the program and the schedule at the seminar itself.

The investment required to join the program is only £1497 GBP (circa $2300). There are also payment options for those who need to protect cashflow.

You must NOT have any debt that you’re currently unable to service

IF you meet all of these criteria, I guarantee you, what I’ll be sharing with you will be the smartest investment of time and money you’ll EVER make as a business owner.

And that’s a cast iron promise.

But you don’t have to take my word for it…

Social Proof

“SOS 2 helped me become “unstuck” in my business. I learned how to take a good product that no one knew about to market. I was able to reframe my business and appropriately use my website to build my e-mail marketing list. My engagement and email list has grown by 800% since being in the program.

I now have an effective marketing system in place for my product and services and know the core things I need to do each day to build my business. I have been a part of many programs but by far this program has been the most effective in helping me build critical core competencies in my business. I highly recommend to the serious entrepreneur. It delivered more value than expected and my expectations are high!”

 – Barbara Littles, JMT Member & CEO, Barbara M Littles LLC. Michigan, USA

“I own and operate a CFO Advisory and Executive Coaching company. Attracting and retaining long-term customers is my lifeblood to create a financially sustainable and thriving company. In order to achieve this I must create a high quality sales funnel that consistently transforms leads into prospects into customers with minimal leakage in the process.

Science of Success 2 has provided me with a step-by-step roadmap in how to exactly achieve the extraordinary results I’m seeking using advanced marketing strategies (both online and offline). These techniques are advanced, not because they are difficult to grasp, but because very few business owners know about them and more importantly are not implementing them. As such I’m not only using these powerful strategies to bolster my own marketing and sales processes, but also those of my corporate customers.

I’ve also identified these same marketing strategies being used by some of the most successful entrepreneurs around the world, which allows me to use them as case studies and mimic them.

This is a program that starts when it ends. I will continue to go back to it over and over again over the next year in order to implement all the strategies taught”.

 – James Vanreusel,  JMT Member, Vanreusel Ventures LLC, San Francisco, California, USA

“As a senior marketing and branding professional, I initially questioned the value of Science Of Success 2. I’m pleased to say that this has proven to be one of the wisest business decisions I’ve ever made, and I’ve come to view SOS2 as a real investment in the success of my business; an investment which is already paying off.

It has helped me to see my marketing challenges through a new lens and challenged my assumptions and experience on a deep level.

SOS2 equips both seasoned marketers and newcomers alike, with a combination of cutting edge strategies you simply don’t hear others talk about.

The learning is presented in easy-to-grasp, bite-sized chunks of content, which any entrepreneur, regardless of previous experience or skill, will be able to implement immediately. The live Q&A sessions, featuring Christian’s unique blend of insight and experience, offer highly supportive guided learning; there’s nothing quite like learning from one who’s already been there himself.

I now see myself as a direct marketer, executing on many of the techniques, particularly the online lead generation methods, to bring my own coaching practice to market. I can honestly say, as a natural cynic and a pretty critical customer, that I’d recommend SOS2 to any entrepreneur looking to grow their business. If my own situation is anything to go by, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed! And, if you’re not already a marketing expert, you will be by the end of SOS2”.

 – Neal Fullman, Neal Fullman Associates, Elevatis Ltd, Hertfordshire, London, England

“If you are thinking about SOS2, you know that there is only one logical outcome. Back yourself as you have done previously and step into the world of Leading Edge Marketing Strategies, you won’t be disappointed.

Having recently completed SOS2, it is an up to date wealth of knowledge regarding effective marketing strategies for your business. It is delivered in the highly professional manner you would expect from Christian Simpson.

Combine the leading edge marketing strategies with the world-class coach and you get a program that is simply world class in all respects. It is beneficial from the start, and a powerful resource to build and develop your business.”

 – Daniel Rodger, JMT Member, Group Operations Manager, The GDP Group, Melbourne, Australia

“Do you want to take your marketing efforts and results to a higher level? Then jump on board with Christian Simpson’s SOS 2 Advanced Marketing program. I did, and after eighteen years of running my company it has revolutionized my thinking and practices in terms of marketing.

Christian has invested a lot of money, time and effort in learning and applying these principles to himself and his business and then has turned around and in his masterful way, shares the lessons learned and great insights with his participants.

This is truly a master class on marketing! You will learn all you need to know to become a lucrative marketer of yourself and your business.

It is worth every penny and then some! You don’t need to think twice! Jump in!”

 – Robin Lewis, JMT Member and Owner, Robin Lewis Insurance, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

“I have gained tremendous value in the lessons Christian has given. It’s rich with so much content that I was initially overwhelmed. What I quickly realized is that I can come back again and again to refine what I learned, add on new things to incorporate, or simply pick up on something I missed the first time. As I grow my business, the investment in SOS2 will continue to more than pay for itself”.

 – Louise Elliott, JMT Member & Founder, CareerPowerShift, Westerville, Ohio USA

“Christian’s coaching and mentoring has been invaluable in raising my awareness of what it takes to grow as a successful entrepreneur. There are many other programs always competing for our time and money to “help” us grow our business, but Science of Success 2 exceeded my expectations in every aspect.

It was very interesting to hear Christian’s authenticity as he talked about the things he has done that did not produce good results and then share what he has done differently since then to grow his business. Sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly is not very common in other programs, but Christian wanted to empower us to be more successful by avoiding common mistakes.

Christian also put together very detailed Implementation Guides that covered all of my questions, and in Christian’s usual style, every implementation guide contained additional coaching questions for me to reflect on, be more specific as to how I was going to apply the lesson, and have an actionable path forward.

I certainly recommend Christian’s SOS2 program as a well rounded marketing program that even incorporates elements from traditional marketing like the media and regular mail. For the amount of value received, you cannot go wrong with the investment”.

 – Rodolfo (Rudy) Lopez, JMT Member & Founder, Katapult Leadership, Houston, Texas, USA