Your very own custom Team Member Website is just three easy steps away. The cost of this site is included in the cost of the program for the first year. This free year does not start until we deliver your site, so if you have not taken advantage of this website please do so now. After the first year, the cost of the site is only $250 per year.

Step 1: Submit the Team Member Website Form

Request Your Website

Step 2: Gather Information
The following items are reccomended to customize your site with. Once you have everything, you’re ready to proceed to Step 3. Remember, all of this information can be changed at any time after site delivery.

Contact Information
Website Biography
Website Photo
Federal Tax ID or SSN for US Residents Only (Used for Affiliate Program)

Step 3: Advanced Customization

Once delivered, you can update your team member website.

How To Customize

*Please note there will be no more personalized endorsement video’s for the website.
Video Tutorial – Customization of my Team Member Website

Website Manual